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In the summer of 1981, I worked as a tour guide for Miramont Castle. I will never forget that summer, working for this grand, historic building. I remember my interview... I believe it was Shirley Copp who interviewed me, along with someone else that I can't remember. Since it was a tour guide position, I made sure to smile real big when I introduced myself...! I was called back to take a tour of the castle, and, when I showed up, it seemed like there were fifty other kids there, to. After the tour, the guide called out six different names of us kids. We were asked to stay behind after the other kids left... and my name was one of the ones called. To my happy surprise, we were all offered tour guide positions there at the castle! We had so much fun at that job! The script we memorized seemed quite large, and I did not have it all memorized when I started. But, as time at the castle progressed, I added more and more facts to my tour. Sometimes the groups would be quite large... other times just two or three. The very first tour I conducted had three people... myself, and two tourists! Many times we would build up a ghost story as the tour worked its way to the Chapel. Then, as we were opening the door to show the domestic worker's stair case located behind that door in the chapel, one of us tour guides would jump out from behind the door and scare everyone on the tour... it was a blast! I met so many people from all over the country and from other countries at that job. I often tried to meet the pretty girls on my tour, and get their address and phone number. As I was going through my old high school trunk not too long back, I found the name of one of those girls written down on a napkin from the tea room. I looked her up on FaceBook, and found she now has kids older than she was when I met her. Where does time go...? When it gets cloudy and rains, it reminds me of sitting in that little room off to the side of the main entrance to the castle, waiting for my next tour group to start. Thank you, Miramont Castle, for some wonderful memories. - Michael V.

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I currently reside in New Jersey. I plan on a relocation to Tucson, AZ later this year, where I resided 2003-2005. Nevertheless, I plan on visiting Colorado Springs, CO, and Manitou Springs, CO ,in the future for my (third trip, perhaps a year or two later). My first trip was 5/ 2008, and second trip in 6/ 2013, both from New Jersey. The Miramont Castle Museum, will be on the itinerary.

I enjoy the castle It has beautiful collections, the building is amazing, there is a lot of history ,grand views, and the staff that is very professional and knowledgeable. The location is great, close to the Pikes Peak Cog, and down town Manitou Springs. I am glad that I had the opportunity to pick up several Castle post cards to put in my Colorado photo / post card book.

I hope that Miramont Castle Museum, continues to do well. Have a great day. - David

From mid-Winter 1958 through Summer 1961, Finishing the 5th grade and continuing on through 6th, 7th & 8th grades, I lived on the 3rd floor of the castle. It was then called Montcalm Castle. I lived there with my Mom and my little sister & the rent was a mere $75 / month. In truth, I could probably write a book about that 3 1/2 year period, but suffice it to say I can't imagine a better place to have lived at that age. Not just the fact that I was living every young boy's dream by being in my very own castle, but the surrounding area, with the narrow gauge railroad bed where we explored the tunnels, Red Mountain and Rattlesnake Hill, where we went sliding down Devil's Slide on cardboard sleds and built sledding runs through the snow in the winter time. Exploring in the foothills and following some of the trails blazed by Fremont. Sneaking into a closed off section of the Cave of the Winds called Huccacove cave, which we called Hucky Cove and using nickel kitchen candles bought from Pitcock's Rexall Drugstore, spent hours in a cave that would later become infamous due to several rescues by El Paso Search & rescue of adults who went in and couldn't find their way back out. Not bad for a bunch of 11, 12 & 13 year old kids. We did the same thing in the Garden of the Gods climbing on the sandstone formations with nary a broken bone or need to be rescued.

It was almost like living in a Mark Twain novel. I have so many fond memories of my childhood in Manitou Springs and I only wish more children today could have the same experiences that I did as that young boy in his castle.

It's a good feeling walking through my past and seeing it so beautifully restored and cared for. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for the opportunity to share it with you. - Chas (Chuck, as I was known back then) Budde

I live in Manitou and always take visiting family and friends to the castle for the relaxing self-guided tour, tea and lunch. I think it's one of Manitou's most beautiful landmarks and the scenery is just spectacular! - Christopher B.

While Shawn and I were dating we toured the Miramont castle and enjoyed the interesting history connected to the quaint castle hidden just off the beaten path in Manitou Springs.

After getting engaged and beginning the process of planning our wedding, we immediately decided on several things; a sunflower theme, having my dad walk me down the aisle, reading our own vows to each other, a dove release, and creating an intimate and beautiful ceremony in the chapel at the Miramont castle.

As little girls we dream about meeting and someday marrying our very own Prince Charming. While this may only happen in fairy tales, some of us are blessed and eventually cross paths with someone we like and love. Although both Shawn and I had been previously married, this was my first wedding ceremony and he wanted to make sure it was lovely and memorable. Sharing our special day with 30 of our family and friends was perfect at Miramont. The chapel is cozy, which allowed the guests sitting in the back to feel like they were included.

The staff only schedules one wedding per day so we were able to arrive at the castle several hours before our ceremony to prepare and then meander around afterwards to take more photos without feeling rushed to leave. Jennifer was fantastic from start to finish. She answered all of our questions and accommodated every request we had to include bringing doves into the castle which had never been done prior to our wedding.  

We recommend the Miramont castle for any couple who wants a unique and unforgettable venue for their wedding. What better place to marry the man of your dreams than in a castle? Ladies, all you have to do first is find your Prince Charming... - Shawn and Valerie (click here) to see photos.

A Review from a visitor that attended our Murder Mystery dinner on Saturday, April, 12, 2014

Surroundings and Environment - Miramont Castle is large. It was built by a wealthy French family, during the days of the old west. What better place for a murder mystery? Actually, there in another one. There are monthly murder mysteries performed at Briarhurst Manner, which is also in Manitou Springs. Both settings are historically interesting and envelope you with feelings that you are in another time and place. They both are luxurious, mysterious and romantic. The Castle is the most mysterious. However, the Manor is more luxurious and romantic. There are many more antiques in the rooms of the castle which are, themselves, interesting. They enhance the feeling of being transported back in time.

Tables and Settings -. The Manor has excellent table settings and luxurious surroundings spread over a number of rooms.. The primary setting for the Mystery in the Castle is in one large room. This room tends to be noisy during the dinner, while the actors visit tables unfolding the background for the mystery. At times, it is difficult to hear them.. After dinner, before desert, the actors spread out in the Castle for questioning.. The tables, chairs, and place settings are much better in the Manor.

Murder Mystery - The murder mysteries at both locations were superbly acted and hellarious. Red Herring Productions presents the mysteries at the Castle and the Manor.. The cast interacts with the audience throughout the events. Audiences I have been part of were interesting, witty, and very nice.

Food and Service- The dinner at the Castle was delicious. There were three courses, salad, chicken and ham, and multiple small pastry deserts.. Every thing was good. The chicken was rolled around a tasty stuffing and the thickly cut ham was covered in a blackberry sauce.. The wine was freshly opened and good. The service was excellent. Our dinners at the Manor were excellent during our first mystery there and bland to very poor on our second visit. The wine and service also were not consistent at the Manner. The Manor essentially served three courses, advertised as five courses, but two of them were were so small that were not worth mentioning.

Cost.-. The entire events, including everything, cost $45 at the Castle and $65 at the Manor. Wine cost us only $5 a glass at the Castle and $9 a glass at the Castle. I liked the food and wine better at the Castle, relative to my last Manor Mystery.

I my opinion, the Castle is a better all-around value.. You will have a great time there!

This is all my personal opinion.

We were in Manitou Springs and just hated leaving!  What a great place!  We cannot wait to return!  I have been keeping tabs on Manitou Springs, including Miramont Castle Museum, ever since! - T. Segal

Manitou Springs has  been my favorite place since I was a little girl. The castle to me back then was sooooo big. And we got to see the train thats there.  We spent our honeymoon at Victoria's Keep right infront of the castle, so we could enjoy the castle too. Luckily my husband then got to see the train as well. Neat place!! - Debbie

I learned about Miramont Castle when I moved here last summer from my friend Ashley.  She has lived in Colorado all her life and took me into Manitou Springs to show me around. Once she showed me Miramont Castle, I immediately became interested in learning all about it! It is a very facinating place! - Chelsie

I have been to the castle many times and I am going to brings some friend this Christmas as they have never seen the Castle before. - Lisa R.

We learned of the magnificent castle upon moving to Colorado Springs. We had a great time in the fire fighter part of the castle. We tried the hats and coats and took pictures of ourselves in them. We were amazed at the little towns, houses and people in the glass boxes. The kids kept looking for "orbs", because they swear the castle is haunted. We met "Wild Bill Hickock" and took photos with him as well. We had a great time everywhere we went in the castle. The scavenger hunt was great for the whole family. Some things we never found, but that gave us more reasons to come back and try again! - Amie G.

Though the summer and winter of 1973/1974 I shared one of the nine apartments in the Castle with three other guys and three cats.  Rent was $125. We spent more than that on cord wood for the fireplace- our only source of heat. Much of the building was closed off and dark and dusty; the apartments were occupied mostly by us "hippies." It was a friendly community with many visitors and while it was cold and snowing outside we would sit together on the floor in front of the fireplace sometimes playing guitars, games, or just talking.  The TV series "Kung Fu" was popular with us and we would watch it as a group. We just called it "the Castle;" it was home for awhile and I've always considered myself fortunate to have experienced living there. - George Hickey

I am a paranormal investigator living on the East coast.  I am an expert in capturing and discovering electronic voice phenomena.  During a 'fun' visit to the castle recently, my digital recorder found numerous audio evidence of spirits talking, including the fireman's museum (amusing), parlor (serious) and art area (music lover - I played the piano).  I do believe the Tea Room causes anguish to a certain spirit in the parlor who doesn't understand the time period it is in.  It probably exists in the 'TB' time frame and cannot understand the jovial atmosphere of the team room.  Nonetheless, the castle is amazing and I look forward to making another visit next year to fully appreciate all there is to behold there. - Joe

We decided to take the self-guided tour and found it to be informative and educational. It took us less than an hour to tour the 14,000 sq. ft. castle displaying rooms and artifacts from the year 1895 Victorian era. There is also a small area displaying historic artifacts. They also have a Tea Room for "high tea" and lunch. If you are into history, this is a great place to visit! There are 3 floors in the house and gives you a good indication of this era. We thoroughly enjoyed it. - The Xenos Family from Waukegan, Illinois visited July 2014.


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