We were in Manitou Springs and just hated leaving!  What a great place!  We cannot wait to return!  I have been keeping tabs on Manitou Springs, including Miramont Castle Museum, ever since! - T. Segal

Manitou Springs has  been my favorite place since I was a little girl. The castle to me back then was sooooo big. And we got to see the train thats there.  We spent our honeymoon at Victoria's Keep right infront of the castle, so we could enjoy the castle too. Luckily my husband then got to see the train as well. Neat place!! - Debbie

I learned about Miramont Castle when I moved here last summer from my friend Ashley.  She has lived in Colorado all her life and took me into Manitou Springs to show me around. Once she showed me Miramont Castle, I immediately became interested in learning all about it! It is a very facinating place! - Chelsie

I have been to the castle many times and I am going to brings some friend this Christmas as they have never seen the Castle before. - Lisa R.

We learned of the magnificent castle upon moving to Colorado Springs. We had a great time in the fire fighter part of the castle. We tried the hats and coats and took pictures of ourselves in them. We were amazed at the little towns, houses and people in the glass boxes. The kids kept looking for "orbs", because they swear the castle is haunted. We met "Wild Bill Hickock" and took photos with him as well. We had a great time everywhere we went in the castle. The scavenger hunt was great for the whole family. Some things we never found, but that gave us more reasons to come back and try again! - Amie G.

Though the summer and winter of 1973/1974 I shared one of the nine apartments in the Castle with three other guys and three cats.  Rent was $125. We spent more than that on cord wood for the fireplace- our only source of heat. Much of the building was closed off and dark and dusty; the apartments were occupied mostly by us "hippies." It was a friendly community with many visitors and while it was cold and snowing outside we would sit together on the floor in front of the fireplace sometimes playing guitars, games, or just talking.  The TV series "Kung Fu" was popular with us and we would watch it as a group. We just called it "the Castle;" it was home for awhile and I've always considered myself fortunate to have experienced living there. - George Hickey

I am a paranormal investigator living on the East coast.  I am an expert in capturing and discovering electronic voice phenomena.  During a 'fun' visit to the castle recently, my digital recorder found numerous audio evidence of spirits talking, including the fireman's museum (amusing), parlor (serious) and art area (music lover - I played the piano).  I do believe the Tea Room causes anguish to a certain spirit in the parlor who doesn't understand the time period it is in.  It probably exists in the 'TB' time frame and cannot understand the jovial atmosphere of the team room.  Nonetheless, the castle is amazing and I look forward to making another visit next year to fully appreciate all there is to behold there. - Joe

We decided to take the self-guided tour and found it to be informative and educational. It took us less than an hour to tour the 14,000 sq. ft. castle displaying rooms and artifacts from the year 1895 Victorian era. There is also a small area displaying historic artifacts. They also have a Tea Room for "high tea" and lunch. If you are into history, this is a great place to visit! There are 3 floors in the house and gives you a good indication of this era. We thoroughly enjoyed it. - The Xenos Family from Waukegan, Illinois visited July 2014.


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