Miramont Castle was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 3, 1977. Achieving national landmark status is a tribute to the building's historic heritage and architectural variety.

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Smith, the Castle has two chairlifts, which make most areas accessible for anyone with a physical problem that precludes climbing stairs.

As the work of restoring the Castle to its original beauty and grandeur progresses, research continues and new (or more accurately, old) information concerning the building and its people becomes available.  Material comes from individuals who have past association with the Castle, from historical research, and from the actual work of restoration.

After all these years, we are continuing to glean information that provides insight into previously unanswered questions, and in some cases negates what was once believed. It is appropriate to emphasize that this, too, may not yet be the final version of the history of Miramont.

Because of this ever-changing profile, the data in this outline should be accepted with the qualification that it is the "current" truth.

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