Manitou Springs Volunteer Fire Department

Memorial Weekend 2010 marked the grand opening of a museum-within-a-museum, featuring antique and vintage fire department equipment from around the Pikes Peak region.  Its hallmark is an antique hose cart, the oldest piece of fire apparatus registered with the Colorado State Firefighters Association, owned by the MSVFD since 1880.  Fascinating authentic memorabilia and photographs of a bygone era surround it.  Admission to the Fire Department Museum is included in admission to the Castle.

Nurnberg Exhibit

The latest exhibit in Miramont Castle is the Nurnburg High Command Trial and Judge John C. Young’s office display. John C. Young was a lawyer in Colorado Springs who was elected to the Colorado State Supreme Court. Judge Young became the Chief Justice of the State Supreme and was hand selected to preside over the twelfth and final Nurnberg Trial. The pictures that you will see in this exhibit are the photos that the Judge brought back with him which shows the entire court room, participants and captures the intensity of the trials. Opening these rooms will be the last part of the Castle that will be opened to the public. There are only a few rooms now that are not accessible and most of them are closets and storage.

Spoils of War

From the War Between the States to the current wars, this poignant display gives insight into the tragedy, the pain, and the occasional humor of the heroic men and women who continually fight for the freedom we dare not take for granted. See authentic uniforms, grim souvenirs, chilling photographs, and the human side of battle.

Little London Miniatures

Intricate and detailed representations of Victorian Colorado Springs continue to be on display on first floor, newly refurbished in conjunction with the Fire Department Museum.  Hand crafted and donated to Miramont by Doris Crawford, the workmanship is exquisite, giving rare insight into life in the late 1800’s when elegant Colorado Springs was known as “Little London.”

Sawyer & Garstin Map Collection

Still being archived is our priceless collection of original antique maps depicting El Paso and Teller counties from mid-1800.  This unique collection includes correspondence, survey books, packing lists, and other fascinating materials that together tell the unparalleled history of the Pikes Peak region, and will eventually be available for research.  It is not open to the public at this time.


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