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Emma Crawford's WakeEmma Crawford Photo

Friday October, 26th, 2018


It is with great sorrow that we mourn the passing of Miss Emma Crawford.
As most of you, her dear friends, know, in 1889 Emma came to Manitou in search of her health. She was accompanied by her mother and her fiancé, Mr. William Hildebrand. It was the young couples greatest desire that Emma, who suffered from consumption, would benefit from Manitou's healing waters and crisp mountain air. She partook of them both abundantly and freely on her many walks in the area.
Emma rallied and was busily preparing for her wedding. Life was a blessing indeed. But fate held a different card and the Reaper was not to leave with empty hands. Emma succumbed.

Hearse 2Father Jean Baptist Francolon and his mother Marie have graciously offered to open their magnificent home, Miramont, for Emma´s wake. Many of her friends that she had met on her travels seeking better health are making plans to attend. Some of the more notable are Dr. and Mrs. William Bell, Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Davis, and, of course, Father Francolon and his mother, Madam Marie Francolon.

The cost of admission will grant you entrance into Miramont, viewing of Emma laid out in the parlour in pure Victorian splendor, and a Victorian Wake, resplendent with a generous buffet dinner and beverages in the Great Hall. Since this is sure to be one of the year's most talked about events, make your credit card reservations early. Space is limited.

Time:wakeEmma's Wake Photo
Viewings every 20 minutes. The 1st Viewing is at 6pm and the last one 7:20pm.

Adults - $50.00

Children 12 and under - $30.00

Credit Cards will be charged on Friday October 19th. Cancellations must be made no later than Thursday October 18th, 2018

Generous buffet dinner

Call 719-685-1011 to make your reservation!

Photo credit of black and white hearse: Dave Dombach of Dombach Photography. Hearse provided by Newell Stagecoach.

Photo credit of black and white church setting: Art by BAMF (Robin Schneider)

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