Featured Events for the Year...

Miramont Castle has a few Featured Events that we would like to draw attention to.

Emma Crawford's Wake

It is with great sorrow that we mourn the passing of Miss Emma Crawford.

As most of you, her dear friends, know, in 1889 Emma came to Manitou in search of her health. She was accompanied by her mother and her fiancé, Mr. William Hildebrand. It was the young couples greatest desire that Emma, who suffered from consumption, would benefit from Manitou's healing waters and crisp mountain air. She partook of them both abundantly and freely on her many walks in the area....

Victorian Christmas

Enjoy the wonders of  a true Victorian holiday experience!  The Castle is lavishly decorated, homemade refreshments abound, and there is delightful entertainment for your pleasure.

Victorian Easter Egg Hunt

Crystal Valley Cemetery Tours

Doctor Isaac Davis gave land to the city of Manitou Springs in 1882 for use as a cemetery. This cemetery is the resting place to many interesting people. Join our tour to learn who's who, what they did in life and how they passed.

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